Delta Module One… I got a distinction!!!

Arghhhhhhhh!!! I got my results today: I was very nervous and really wasn’t even convinced I would have passed… so imagine my shock when I saw the words “Pass with Distinction”! Say whattt?!  Continue reading


Another (academic) year over…

The end of another school year. As I’ve previously mentioned, I have 5 weeks off this summer! Kind of… I have to do a bit of admin work from home, but since my study leads on to the back terrace it’s not exactly a terrible hardship!

This year has been a weird one for me. Continue reading

Friendship Stories Part 1

I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve recently turned 30, but at the moment one of the hot topics I keep hearing about (articles, podcasts, generally all over social media) is how difficult it is to make friends in your late 20s and 30s. I’ve been reflecting on it a lot, and I want to write about the different friendships in my life and explore what they mean to me.

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Double standards?

Last week, my boyfriend and I watched a video shared on facebook of a dad who got up on stage with his little daughter who was crying during a ballet performance. The dad danced along to cheers from the audience, and we smiled and thought it was sweet.

After, I asked Livio if he would do something like that if he had a daughter: he thought about it and said “maybe, I don’t know”.

Then I thought to myself about whether I would do it, and had the uneasy feeling that it would be quite different if a mum did the same thing…

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Helping Learners Listen

I recently reread Giulia’s blog post about developing listening skills. I will eventually read the book she mentioned (Listening in the Language Classroom by John Field) but as it’s only just over a week since I took the Delta module one exam I’m giving myself a break and reading non-teaching related books at the moment! It did get me thinking about the way I support learners with their listening, though.

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